Madstats provides an easy to use webinterface to Source dedicated servers (srcds), mainly Counter-Strike Source. It displays statistics such as rankings and per player details, based on data generated by Mani's Admin Plugin.

Discontinued due to the required Mani's Admin Plugin development being ceased

Statistics are visible to the public, so players can check out there rank.


  • Player overview with basic statistics such as kills and deaths
  • Detailed per-player statistics view with extensive information on the player ranging from kill/death ratio to kills per minute and Steam integration
  • Server statistics, which map is running and who is online
  • Ajax-based server status panel, showing the status of the server and updates automatically
  • List of available configuration options, from basic server configuration to quake sounds
  • Graphical editors for different types of configuration options
  • Client editting to quickly add or remove clients, modify there permissions and manage groups
  • Customizable server status image, for use in e.g. forum signatures
  • Rcon integration, change maps, execute configurations or use the rcon console with autocomplete
  • Simple templating system to customize the look-and-feel of your site
  • API which can be used to retrieve statistics from another application
  • Support for internationalization, use Madstats in your own language

Madstats is open source and can be downloaded from GitHub.