• Setting up a build server for ownCloud Android

    ownCloud logo left

    Part of the ownCloud ecosystem is the Android client. Unfortunately, this part has some catching up to do, as it lacks certain obvious features such as downloading an entire folder, picture thumbnails and a way of searching for files. So in this post, I’m covering how to set up a build server for the ownCloud Android client.

  • Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find in C:...

    When trying to run a build with ant, the following issue comes up:

    Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\tools.jar  

  • Myths about Slendy

    Some time ago, a couple of months after releasing SlenderMod, I came across a page on Wikia. I found it very interesting people are actually collecting facts and theories about slenderman in our version of the game. There are some inconsistencies in the page however, so I thought I’d provide some explanations.

  • SlenderMod Making Of: Coding a Psychopath

    After Tim made the environment and assets, it was my turn to bring slendy to life. The original version had some tricky stuff in it, such as the spawn logic for slendy. It took some time and a bit of trial-and-error to get it just right. Slendy had to be unpredictable, which is, from a technical point of view, pretty much impossible. The result was quite close to unpredictable though, and even Tim and I got a fair amount of scares during development.


  • SlenderMod source code released

    It is taking a whole lot longer to get that second post done on the slender game we made, so in the meantime, I thought I’d let you know that we’ve released the source code of SlenderMod today. For some reason, our commit history wouldn’t come over. Anyway, the latest version is available at GitHub. Enjoy!

  • SlenderMod Making Of: Designing A Monster

    After ‘Slender’ came out, me and a friend of mine thought is was awesome. I literally got a headache from just playing it, with every single cell in my body screaming 'Don’t do this! Get the hell out!’. Soon, lots of people where convinced that it was even scarier than Amnesia, which was considered the mother of all horror games up until then. The new horror game got our attention and it didn’t take long for us to start talking about creating our own version.


  • CakePHP: Checkbox with the label on the left side

    left It’s quite common to place a checkbox’s label at it’s right side, because it just seems natural. But if a form has all the inputs arranged in a label-first fashion, it might look nicer when the labels of a checkbox will be on the left side as well.

  • GitHub: No supported authentication methods available

    After installing Git and TortoiseGit for use with GitHub on my home pc, I was hooked. But for some reason, the same thing wouldn’t work on my pc at work.

    TortoiseGit throws an error when syncing with GitHub

  • The Satisfaction Of Deletion

    leftYou’ve been working on this piece of code for some time now. A couple of days, maybe even weeks. It all works, although a bit hairy. Then you wake up one day, with an epiphany. This code can be reduced to about half it’s size! So you start refactoring the pages of code that now seem inefficient. Without any hesitation, you’re deleting days of blood, sweat and tears.

  • C++ Adventures: Inheritance

    In Object Oriented Programming, inheritance is one of the most important principals. It basically means expanding an existing class with methods, fields or perhaps other members. C++ has by far the most flexible inheritance model I’ve ever seen in a programming language. Though it is quite hard to use, compared to Java en C#. For the most part, the syntax is quite similar and if you already understand OOP and inheritance, you’ll get the hang of it in no-time.